National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO)

Geriatric Activities

Publications and Position Statements
Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars
Special Interest Groups

Publications and Position Statements

  • Published articles with a focus on geriatric best practices in Journal for Nurses in Staff Development, the official NNSDO journal. Topics include:
    • Quality Improvement Practices: Enhancing Quality of Life During Mealtimes
    • Guidelines for Improving Resident Dining Experiences in Long-term Care Facilities
    • Documentation of Characteristics of Early Hospital Readmission of Elderly Patients: A Challenge for Inservice Educators
    • From Nursing Home to Hospital and Back Again: An Educational Program to Improve Care for Hospitalized Nursing Home Patients
    • Standing In Their Shoes: An Experiential Learning Experience in Promoting Age Sensitivity
  • Published the following resources:
    • Kelly, A.M. "How to Implement a Pain Management Program."
    • Kilbride, B. & Gerstner-Horvath, M. "It's All About Caring: Key Points for Health Care Training."
  • Published articles highlighting the importance of competencies in aging for the "Geriatric Corner" in TrendLines, the association's membership newsletter. Previous articles include the Hartford Institute's "Try This: Best Practices in the Care of Older Adults" series.

Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

  • Presented a poster on "Partners in Care: An Innovative Approach to the Transitioning Geriatric Patients Across the Continuum" at the 2001 NNSDO Convention
  • Hosted a focus group breakfast session at the 2002 NNSDO Convention to provide feedback on the issues and concerns of geriatric-related focus within the healthcare professions
  • Scheduled workshops and concurrent sessions on aging competencies at the 2004 NNSDO Convention. Topics include:
    • GRNs, Core Curriculums, and the SPPICEES Project:
    • Education to Improve the Care of the Geriatric Patient
    • Preparing Staff for Aging Patients
    • Developing Nurses' Competency in Minding Their Elders
  • Scheduled additional workshops and concurrent sessions on aging competencies at the 2005 NNSDO Convention
  • Hosting a session at the 2006 NNSDO Convention, July 27-30, in Orlando, "Magic Moments: Unlocking Staff Development Secrets." Topics include:
    • NICHE (Nurses Improving Care to Health System Elders) geriatric nursing models of care
    • Hospital Competencies
    • Continuing Education Resources and Opportunities with Nurse Competence in Aging and the American Journal of Nursing

Special Interest Groups

  • Determined member interest in forming a geriatric special interest group (SIG) at the 2003 NNSDO Convention. Published a call for SIG membership in the NNSDO newsletter TrendLines. Communicated primarily through email and held geriatric SIG meetings at the annual NNSDO Convention.
  • Create a modified email list or list-serve to strengthen communication among geriatric SIG members

For more information about HHNA Geriatric Activities please contact: Patricia Barlow
Email: [email protected]