Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN)

Geriatric Activities

Publications and Position Statements
Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars
Special Interest Groups
Education Modules, Programs, and Learning Tools

Publications and Position Statements

  • Published articles on geriatric related topics in MEDSURG Nursing Journal publications, including:
    • Smith, S. & Andrews, M. (2000). "Artificial Nutrition and Hydration At the End Of Life."
    • Pugh, L. (2001). "Case Management For Elderly Persons With Heart Failure: The Quality Of Life And Cost Outcomes".
    • Dellasega, C., et al. (2001). "The Impact Of A Geriatric Assessment Team On Patient Problems And Outcomes'
    • Walton, J., et al (2001). "Elder Oral Assessment And Care"
    • "Try This: Best Practices in Nursing Care of the Older Adult" series from the Hartford Institute.
    • Souder, E., et al. (2002). "Dementia In The New Millennium"
    • Roman, M. (2002). AMSN President's Message: "Care Of The Geriatric Patient".
  • Published six articles on continuing education in geriatric care in MEDSURG Nursing from 2003-2004, including:
    • Physical Activity Determinants of Older Women: What Influences Activity
    • Sleep Promotion in Hospitalized Elders
    • Exploring Older Women's Lifestyle Changes After Myocardial Infection
    • Older Adults Using Cellular Telephones for Diabetes Management: A Pilot Study
    • Delirium: Elders Tell Their Stories and Guide Nursing Practice
    • Exploring Measures of Functional Dependence in the Elderly Person with Cancer
    • The Older Woman and Breast Cancer
    • Cancer in the Elderly: An Overview
  • Published reports from the association's geriatric SIG and articles on geriatric nursing implications in MedSurgMatters , the association's quarterly newsletter. Titles include:
    • Urinary Incontinence in the Older Adult
    • Building Knowledge in Geriatric Nursing
    • Falls in Older Adults
    • Top 10 List of Geriatric Best-Practice Resources
    • Legislative Update about the Medicare Reform/Prescription Drug Legislation and on the Safe Nursing and Patient Care Act of 2003
    • Geriatric Websites for Aging Associations and Societies
    • Older Americans Month Celebrated: What We Do Makes a Difference
  • Recognize one author annually with the MEDSURG Nursing/NCA Geriatric Writer's Award to demonstrate the association's dedication to providing resources for nurses caring for the elderly.
  • Published a position statement on "Care of the Geriatric Patient in the Acute Care Setting."
  • Other Publications:
    • Rietfort, J. (1999). "Care For the Elderly Medical-Surgical patient". In Brozenec, S. & Russell, S. (Eds.). Core Curriculum for Medical-Surgical Nursing (2nd Ed.).

Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

  • Held a preconvention workshop at the 2004 annual AMSN convention.
  • Hold geriatric concurrent sessions at each of the AMSN annual conventions on topics including:
    • Care of the Elderly Patient with a Hip Fracture (2003)
    • Urinary Incontinence Assessment and Management (2003)
    • Adverse Drug Reactions in the Elderly (2003)
    • Transcultural Aging (2004)
    • Pharmacology: Why Drugs Won't Work [in Aging] (2004)
    • Pain Management in the Elderly and in the End of Life (2004)
    • Genetic Components to Diseases in Adults (2004)
    • Delirium and Dementia (2004)

Special Interest Groups

  • Held geriatric special interest group meetings at the annual AMSN conventions.
  • Utilized the geriatric special interest group to write AMSN position statements promoting the need for competent care of the gerontologic client.
  • Highlight the geriatric special interest group by having them present on geriatric issues at a general session.

Education Modules, Programs, and Learning Tools

  • Develop Web-based modules with geriatric content.
  • Developed a Web-based geriatric course for medical-surgical nurses to be online by early 2005.


  • AMSN offers an annual Nurse Competence in Aging Award to honor a member that displays excellence in providing care to older adults and serves as a role model and mentor to other healthcare providers.

For more information about AMSN Geriatric Activities please contact: Sally Russell, MN, CMSRN
[email protected]