Center for American Nurses: Workplace Advocacy

Let's face it, nurses' work environments aren't always the best.  To this end, the Center for American Nurses (The Center) is a nursing organization providing resources for nurses to become more successful in their professional and personal lives.

The Center advocates that registered nurses become active participants in any future design decisions that involve their workplaces.  A major initiative in that effort is the Workforce Ecosystem, which offers a dynamic design of a workplace to best promote nurses and improve nursing care.  See the design and information about the major pieces of the ecosystem. (Link Below)

For more information about the many areas The Center is involved in, check out the Fact Sheet linked below that describes those areas of work, as well as some of the solutions the Center advocates for to better serve nurses and patients.

About The Center

Established in 2003, the Center partners with its 43 organizational members, comprised of more than 46,000 nurses nationwide, to create unique approaches to help nurses overcome workforce challenges and optimizes patient outcomes. The Center offers nurses not represented by collective bargaining powerful resources, including newly developed tools to help prevent and manage violence and bullying in the workplace, assess and manage personal finances, improve conflict resolution skills, and design workplaces to improve the physical work environment.