Holistic Nursing

American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)

Geriatric Care Modules

As part of AHNA’s continued commitment to improve the quality of health care for older adults and advance geriatric competence in holistic nursing practice, the AHNA Education Provider Committee is pleased to offer a series of continuing education modules on topics related to Geriatric Nursing. In a collaborative effort with other Nurse Competence in Aging (NCA) grantees, these modules are one of the ways the AHNA is maximizing the efforts that have been launched through the grant-related activities. Modules are:

  • Safe Integration of Complementary and Alternative Approaches:
    This module discusses the benefits and risks of CAM use with older adults. Specific therapies are reviewed with a discussion of special considerations in geriatric care.
  • Spirituality in Geriatric Nursing Care:
    Spiritual needs of older adults are described in this module. Methods for assessing spiritual state and caring for a person’s spirit are offered.
  • Self-Care for Geriatric Nurses:
    Attributes of nurse healers are presented in this module along with important self-care measures.
  • Aging with Chronicity: Overview and Resources
    The realities of chronic illness in late life are discussed in this module, along with common geriatric syndromes.

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