Emergency Nursing

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

Geriatric Emergency Nursing Education (GENE) Internet-Based Course
This Internet-based course provides emergency nurses with best practices to deliver optimal care and respond to the special needs of older adults. Key clinical information and issues central to caring for the highly specialized needs of older adults are presented. The course covers the following topics: Attitudes and ageism, physical & psychological changes, atypical presentation of illness, triage, pain management, polypharmacy, abuse and neglect, palliative care, and discharge planning.

Stand Strong for Life: A Falls Prevention Program for Older Adults
This Stand Strong for Life program has been developed to provide health care professionals with the information they need to prevent falls among older adults in their communities. This evidence-based program includes a health care professional and a community-based module, two PowerPoint presentations, and four brochures. The health care professional module is intended for health care professionals to use as a self-study guide and/or to educate peers. The community-based module targets community-dwelling older adults who are at medium or high risk for falls. The goal of the Stand Strong for Life program is to ultimately decrease the number of falls and the severity of fall-related injury among older adults. Both modules, PowerPoint presentations, and brochures are included on a single CD-ROM.

ENA position statement on "Care of Older Adults in the Emergency Setting" [pdf]