Infusion Nurses Society (INS)

Geriatric Activities

Publications and Position Statements
Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

Publications and Position Statements

  • Published a guest editorial on geriatric issues in the Journal of Infusion Nursing
  • Published articles on geriatric issues in INS Newsline, the association's bimonthly membership newsletter
  • Developed and published "Policies and Procedures for Infusion Nursing of the Older Adult" as a resource for clinicians in both the acute and long-term care setting
  • Dedicated a chapter in the INS textbook Infusion Therapy in Clinical Practice to intravenous therapy in the older adult
  • The May/June 2003-issue of the JIN is focused on Elder Care, and provides CE. This issue was developed based on the 1-day Elder Care program, presented earlier in the year

Presentations, Workshops, and Seminars

  • Conducted a one-day five-hour educational program on "Home Infusion Care and the Elderly Patient" in 2003 including presentations such as:
    • The Elderly Patient
    • Long-term Medically Assisted Hydration and Nutrition in the Elderly Patient
    • Home-Based Elders
    • Early Nutritional Screening of Older Adults
    • Pain Management in Elderly Adults
  • Offered presentations on topics relevant to care of the elderly at annual NAIT meetings, including:
    • Ethical and Moral Issues in Caring for Patients with Cancer (2001, NAIT)
    • Impact of Current Legislation on Delivery of Healthcare (2001, NAIT)
    • Emerging Trends in Homecare Infections (2002, NAIT)
    • Initiation of High-Risk Medications and Therapies in the Alternate Care Setting (2002, NAIT)
    • Managing Nutritional Anemia (2002, NAIT)
  • Offered presentations on topics relevant to care of the elder patient at annual INS meetings, including:
    • New Technologies for Greater Efficiencies in Home Infusion Care (2000, INS)
    • Pathophysiologic Changes in the Elderly (2000, INS)
    • Nutritional Support (2000, INS)
    • Care and Controversial Issues in the Care and Maintenance of VADs (2000, INS)
    • Validating Staff Competency (2000, INS)
    • Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Needleless Systems in Long-term and Sub-acute Care Settings (2001, INS)
    • Advances for Treatments for Parkinson's Disease (2001, INS)
    • Pain and Symptom Management in the Elderly (2001, INS)
    • Advanced Physiologic Assessment of Fluid and Electrolyte Needs in the Elderly (2002, INS)
    • Nutrition Support Standards for Adult Residents of Long-term Care Facilities (2002, INS)
    • Understanding the Immune System: Template for Infusion Assessment (2002, INS)
    • Enhancing Medication Safety in Home Infusion (2002, INS)
    • Care Planning for Patients Receiving Infusion Therapy in the Alternate Care Setting (2002, INS)
    • Current Trends and Emerging Technologies in the Alternate Care Setting for Cancer Therapy (2002, INS)


  • Offer an "Excellence in Infusion Care for the Elderly" Award
    Congratulations to the INS 2004 Award Winner: Susan Silverstein, RN, BSN, CRNI

For more information about INS Geriatric Activities please contact: Kathy Walther RN, BSN CRNI

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