Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Inc. (AAPINA)


The Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association, Inc. (AAPINA) is part of the ANA-SNAPG program, the American Nurses Association - Specialty Nursing Association Partners in Geriatrics. The ANA-SNAPG/AAPINA program seeks to improve the quality of health care for older adults including ethnic minorities, especially the Asian American and Pacific Islander older adults. AAPINA participates in the dissemination of evidence-based geriatric, gerontology, and ethnogeriatric  information to enhance competence (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) of their members, the domestic and international community of Asian and Pacific Islanders nurses, and professional nurses who are associated with specialty nursing associations. They disseminate information through educational sessions at annual AAPINA conferences, the AAPINA Web site, the AAPINA newsletter, journal, and online publications of members, lectures in academic or continuing education courses, and presentations at professional meetings.

Some AAPINA members are involved in nursing or multidisciplianry research in which aging information is an important component of the research program.

For more information about AAPINA Geriatric Activities please contact: 
Melen McBride, PhD, RN, GSAF, ANA/NCA/AAPINA Gero-Nurse Web Fellow & Editor, AAPINA Newsletter