How Do I Study for My Exam?

Study Plan
Approximately six months before you plan to take your certification exam, develop a study plan. This could include self study, finding a study buddy or group, taking a review course, taking an on-line narrated course, reviewing current textbooks and articles, or other methods. The key is to have a study plan and follow through with it. For ANCC exam preparation resources see the information below

Test Content Outlines, Test Reference List, and Sample Test Questions

The test content outlines for the ANCC Gerontological certification exams provide an overview of the content covered in the exam. In addition, ANCC provides reference lists of authoritative texts used in creating the exams. You may find this information useful in your exam preparation. To view the content outline or the reference lists, click on the link below for the type of exam you are taking.

Review Seminars
Review Seminars for certification exams are available for different nursing specialties at various hospitals and schools of nursing across the country. Participants receive contact hours. The Seminar schedule and registration are available online (See link below).

Study Groups
Using the content from the seminars, the faculty lecture on the material during several telephone conference calls scheduled during a specific time period. Look for the “Study Group” courses in the seminar schedule. Participants receive contact hours. The Study Group schedule and registration are available online (See link below).

Online Narrated Review Courses
Our Online Narrated Review Courses contain the same content as our popular Review Seminars, with the voice over of an instructor talking the student through the material. After you register for the course, you will have three months in which to complete the materials. Participants receive contact hours. For more information, (See link below).

Review and Resource Manuals
Written by nursing experts in each specialty, these manuals help candidates prepare for a variety of certification exams by enhancing your critical thinking skills and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Contact hours available online for an additional fee. To order manuals, see link below.

Certified Nurse E-Store
Once you have passed your exam, celebrate your accomplishment with pins, plaques, and other recognition items. (Link below)